Top 10 Most Effective Tips To Control Hair Fall In Winter

Top 10 Most Effective Tips To Control Hair Fall In Winter

When people look at us, the first thing they notice is our hair, which is one of our most appealing features.

So it’s just obvious that we must invest some time and effort in maintaining a proper hair care routine.

One of the most significant problems that most of us face is hair fall. And issues like dandruff, dry hair, broken ends, and greying have become pretty common nowadays.

Here we will share with you the Top 10 Most Effective Tips To Control Hair Fall In Winter that naturally resolve these issues and restore your hair’s health as well.

Winter can intensify your hair problems and cause your hair to become more dull, lifeless, and prone to hair loss and hair fall.

Due to the dry, freezing weather in the winter, our hair shaft dehydrates and loses strength, leading to increased seasonal hair fall.

There is also scaling and flakiness on the scalp’s surface. Excessive and extended oil application deposits undesired skin material on the scalp, as well as ambient dust collection.

What Causes Hair Fall?

What Causes Hair Fall? Most Effective Tips To Control Hair Fall In Winter

It is normal to shred 100 hairs a day but if you are facing excessive hair fall it can cause permanent hair loss and baldness.

In several conditions, hair fall might be caused by a simple pause in the hair growth life cycle.

Some serious diseases, surgeries, or traumatic occurrences can lead to sudden hair fall and hair loss as well.

However, without medication, your hair will normally begin to regrow.

The following factors may also be cited for hair fall:-

  • Hormonal fluctuations can lead to hair fall and might cause temporary hair loss.
  • Some medications might cause hair fall.
  • A physical or mental shock can cause immense hair fall.
  • A diet deficient in protein, iron, and other nutrients can also cause hair fall.
  • Products that contain harsh chemicals and colors.

Can Hair Fall Lead To Hair Loss? 

Can Hair Fall Lead To Hair Loss? Top 10 Most Effective Tips To Control Hair Fall In Winter

If you are shredding several hairs per day it’s quite normal because your hair follows a 4 phase growth cycle.

But if new hairs are not replacing the shredded ones it can lead to hair loss and aggravated hair loss can cause baldness, also known as ‘androgenetic alopecia.

Hair loss can occur for many reasons however it all starts with hair fall.

  • Male or female pattern baldness is the most prevalent cause of hair loss which mostly occurs due to hereditary reasons.
  • Imbalance in Male Hormone i.e. DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is the prime cause of Male pattern baldness in males but this can affect women also.
  • Certain medical conditions can cause hair loss like- thyroid problems, sudden weight loss, chemotherapy, etc.
  • Pregnancy is also a reason for hair loss in women.

According to Ayurveda a disturbance in your body’s metabolism can lead to hair fall and if the condition persists it may cause hair loss.

However, natural hair cures and home remedies can be beneficial.

Tips For Controlling Hair Fall

Tips for Controlling Hair Fall. Top 10 Most Effective Tips To Control Hair Fall In Winter

Hair fall can occur for many reasons. whether it is a lack of nutritious diet or lack of proper hydration.

Whether you do smoke or take stress or any other conditions.

All these aggravate your hair fall and if persist for a long period of time it can cause permanent hair loss.

let’s discuss the tips that can help you to control your hair fall.

Vitamins Are Vital

Hair fall and hair loss are linked to vitamin H, D, and E deficiency. Restoring such inadequacies by supplementing with these vitamins may aid in the revival of hair growth.

However, keep in mind that excessive intake of these vitamins, as well as vitamin A, can result in serious adverse effects such as alopecia.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential element for hair growth. Vitamin D is unique in that it absorbs iron and calcium. Iron deficiency is another cause of hair fall.

If you expose yourself to the sun’s rays for even 15 minutes every day, you will get your daily dose of vitamin D.

However, in really hot weather, avoid coming into close contact with the sun’s rays.

Vitamin H

Vitamin H is a water-soluble vitamin that belongs to the vitamin B family. It’s also known as biotin.

Keratin is a fundamental protein that is found in your hair, skin, and nails.

It is undeniable that biotin significantly increases the keratin functionality of your body.

If you don’t receive enough biotin, you can experience hair fall and may develop hair loss or a scaly red rash. However, a deficiency is uncommon.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E includes a substance called alpha-tocopherol, which helps enhance blood circulation to the scalp, regulate pH levels, and sebum production, and nourish hair follicles, resulting in a healthier scalp.

A healthy scalp is essential for strong and healthy hair. It also prevents hair fall and fights brittleness in your strands.

A small study reveals that vitamin E supplementation increased hair growth in persons who were experiencing hair loss.

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Role Of Water In Hair Health

Generally, we drink less water in winter because of less thirsty feel. But you should know that moisture and vitamins are required for healthy hair.

When you drink water, your hair roots absorb moisture and transport it to the hair follicles, stimulating hair growth.

Water hydrates the whole hair strand from the inside out. It is the primary source of energy for hair cells, including those cells that produce new hair growth.

A well-hydrated body also improves sleep quality, which aids in continuous hair growth. Furthermore, water eliminates all toxins and impurities which may cause hair fall and hair loss.

When there is a lack of hydration, the scalp skin becomes dry and shrinks.

Nothing is more annoying than a dry scalp– itching, dandruff, and the entire shebang are all undesirable feelings.

You can alleviate itchiness and rejuvenate your scalp by drinking water. Even better, water prevents the scalp from being too dry to flake.

Also, when you’re dehydrated, your body will divert much-needed moisture to other important functions, leaving your hair to survive for itself.

Hair growth may reduce or cease, and the hair shafts may become brittle and break.

Water makes up one-quarter of a healthy strand of hair, therefore dehydration causes your hair to lose strength and volume.

Severe dehydration may also hasten hair fall. If you notice your hair is thinning or falling out more than usual, increasing your water intake and vitamin consumption may assist.

Eat Nutrition-Rich Diet

Hair that seems healthy is an indication of good general health as well as proper hair care routines.

Most healthy people get enough nutrients from their food, but many people do not. This is frequently reflected in the scalp and, at times, body hair alterations.

Nutritious food is vital that can save you from many health-related problems.

It is necessary to mention here that Junk food like- canned food, oily foods, ready-to-eat foods, etc.

Which are popular as well as a compulsion of today’s time, lack essential nutritious elements.

Therefore by eating them, your body does not get the right amount of iron, calcium, zinc, vitamins, and protein.

These nutrients are very important for the growth & development of your hair and skin cells.

That is why we are suggesting you consume green, leafy veggies, fruits, milk, and eggs as much as you can, Also take a good amount of high protein diet.

Avoid Smoking

Avoid Smoking. Top 10 Most Effective Tips To Control Hair Fall In Winter

Light smoking, as well as passive smoking, infuses your veins with toxic substances that can lead to a vascular disorder such as Atherosclerosis –

In this, a layer of scum gets deposited on the nerves and veins of your body that can clog or harden arteries and interrupt healthy blood flow.

Due to this, the blood circulation of the whole body gets hampered.

In such a situation, even if you are consuming nutritious foods, even then the nutritious elements are not able to reach the roots of your hair.

Because of atherosclerosis, not enough blood reaches your head. And this makes your hair weak and starts falling.

Benefits Of Exercises For Your Hair

Exercise increases blood circulation to the scalp and hair follicles. This improves the supply and availability of oxygen and essential nutrients to the hair follicles via the bloodstream.

The increased blood flow to the scalp provides your hair follicles with everything they need for improved vitality and health.

Furthermore, sweating during exercise increases natural scalp oil production and improves overall scalp health.

Exercise promotes hair growth, controls hair fall, also keeps the scalp healthy, and prevents pore-clogging.

By combining aerobic workouts and yoga into your training program, you may get significant improvements in the health of your hair and scalp.

Stress Increases Hair Fall

Obviously, stress gives rise to many problems. Hair fall is one of those diseases.

Stress can cause hair follicles to enter a dormant state, in which they do not generate new hair strands.

Over time, Hair can come out more quickly and easily, even if you’re simply washing, brushing, or touching it.

Extreme stress causes a large number of hair follicles to enter a resting phase, which can further increase your stress level that can creat a cascading effect, and can worsen your hair fall condition.

So if you want to avoid unnecessary diseases and hair fall also, try to stay away from stress as much as you can.

Although it is easy to say, but not too difficult. You just have to decide. For this, you can take the help of yoga or meditation.

Maintain A Proper Hair Hygiene

Sometimes, especially in winter, you may face hair fall because of not maintaining proper hair hygiene.

Due to cold weather generally, we skip hair washing. As a result, dirt and oil buildup accumulates on the scalp.

So It is very important that you follow proper hair hygiene along with other things.

Washing your hair on a regular basis may improve your hair health and remove all the dirt and oil buildup. Which will help you to reduce hair fall.

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals

Many people find the easiest way to save their falling hair is to change the shampoo.

Many times, by getting caught in the web of misleading advertisements, people don’t hesitate to use shampoo containing harmful chemicals.

Due to this, no matter how much hair fall will stop, it increases further.

Because of these strong chemicals, they may show some immediate results but in a long run, your hair can be affected adversely.

Oil Massage To Nourish Your Hair

Is there anything better than a decent oil massage for your hair in the winter?

Oil massages, in addition to being exceptionally relaxing, are an awesome way to prevent hair fall, especially in the winter.

But you should not apply too much pressure and friction while massaging your scalp, It can increase hair fall.

So gentle massage with your fingertip is recommended.

Oils like coconut oil, almond oil, and olive oil are fantastic for your hair because they supply the vitamins and fatty acids that your hair and scalp need to tolerate the chill weather.

You might also try jojoba oil, which is an excellent moisturizer for your hair.

Hair Mask To Prevent Hair Fall

In winter, hair masks are a great option to moisturize your hair, making it less prone to breakage.

Deep conditioning masks are an effective way to nourish your hair and prevent it from becoming dull and lifeless.

While cleansing your hair with nutrients like honey, aloe vera and coconut milk will help dry hair in winter, you should also consider giving it a mask treatment once a week.

Avoid Hot Water And Dry Hair Naturally

Excess of anything is harmful to your skin and hair. While you may enjoy long, hot showers during the winter, make sure your hair doesn’t come into contact with hot water.

It can strip your hair of its natural moisture, leaving it dry and prone to breakage. Always use cold or lukewarm water to wash your hair.

Instead of using a blow dryer to dry your hair quickly, you should always let it dry naturally so that hair fall does not happen in winter.

Damp hair is extremely delicate and easily broken. Massaging it with a towel or using heating equipment can increase the chances of hair fall.

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The Bottom Line

Hair Fall can occur due to many reasons which can range from mild to severe.

Most of the problems related to hair fall can be easily rectified by making simple changes but in many conditions, you may not see improvement.

In such cases try to find out the underlying cause of your problem and if necessary consult your doctor.

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