Best 9 Winter Hair Care Tips You Must Know

Winter Hair Care Tips

Everybody of us wants long and healthy hair, and we do lots of efforts to make them healthy. But all of a sudden, the weather plays its card, and things start to change. Winter can be very challenging for your hair and in such conditions they need extra care.

If you are cautious about your hair and looking for winter hair care tips, you are at the right place. Stay with us in this article till the end, you will get rid of your winter hair care worries.

When the temperature decreases and the winds pick up, you can’t get enough hot coffee and soup to fight it. Despite this, you can’t manage to get your hands warm enough.

But that’s not all, the winter season has in store for you because the dry weather wreaks havoc on your skin and, well, hair, in addition to bringing you nasty flu and colds every now and then.

Don’t let your body and priceless mane suffer as a result of the chill. To preserve your hair from these harsh winters, use these winter hair care tips.

What Winter Can Do Your Hair?

Winter Hair Care Tips

As winter comes the temperature goes down and the wind starts to flow faster. Due to these two factors, the air becomes drier. All of these can be very problematic for your hair.

If you do not modify your hair care routine according to winter, Your hair can become dry and damaged. If you do not maintain good hair hygiene you can suffer from dandruff or other scalp problem.

If you do not properly moisturize & hydrate your hair and scalp, your hair can become brittle and certainly, you will face problems of hair fall and split ends.

There are many other hair issues related to winter we will further discuss in the article.

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Best 9 Winter Hair Care Tips

Now we will discuss step-by-step tips which you must follow to cure your hair to fight winter.

These are tried & tested natural tips & techniques but they need consistency and time, If you do so that will definitely help you, So Be patient to using them. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Proper Oiling

If you don’t do hair oiling we recommend you try it. Hair oiling is an ancient technique that has been used in many Asian countries for centuries to nourish hair.

In these frigid winter months, massaging your hair and scalp with natural oils on a regular basis, say once or twice a week, can nourish your hair roots and strengthen your hair follicles by moisturizing the scalp and increasing the blood supply in the hair roots.

You can try coconut, jaborandi, argan, Brahmi, almond, sesame, or olive oils to nourish and massage your hair.

Please note that you must not do excessive oiling as it can cause bad effects on your hair and cause hair fall.

Modify How You Shampoo Your Hair

Winter Hair Care Tips

Nobody can deny that your hair requires the natural oils secreted by the sebaceous gland to your scalp. Especially during the dry winter months. It makes a protective layer on your scalp and moisturizes it as well.

Here you must note that Excessive shampooing might remove these protective oils as well as the important moisture they supply to your hair and scalp.

So, restrict your hair washing to once or twice a week and use a mild herbal shampoo that suits your hair and scalp type.

Also, avoid using back-and-forth strokes to wash your hair, as this can cause tangling and breakage, as well as weakening of the hair follicle.

Remember To Condition

If you’re a busy bee, Chances are high that you’ll rush out of the shower after shampooing your hair and skip the crucial step of applying conditioner afterward.

While hair conditioning is an important step in any hair care routine that locks the moisture into your hair shaft and nourishes them. In winter conditioning becomes even more important.

So, you must set out 5 minutes to condition your hair because it moisturizes and preserves the outermost layer of your hair, makes it smooth and shiny, and can help you get rid of frizziness and subsequent breakage.

Don’t Let Hair Alone Once You’ve Washed It

Certainly, drying your hair in the cold appears to be a monumental chore. But guess what? Stepping out or sleeping with damp hair might make your life even more difficult, as it can cause significant tangling and breakage.

Furthermore, if you leave your hair wet for an extended period of time, it turns cold in this weather. As a result, the hair shaft stretches and becomes more prone to breakage.

Moreover, If you have colored hair, not drying it can cause the color to fade faster. with colored hair, you have to be extra cautious.

You must be cautious against pressing your hair roughly and vigorously with a towel to dry it, as this can cause more harm than you would imagine, and instead recommends air/fan drying your hair before going out.

Comb Gently

Winter Hair Care Tips

Comb the hair is an essential part of any hair care routine, It improves the circulation into your scalp. But winter dries your hair and they get tangled like crazy, you must know that dry hair has a tendency to break easily.

So the idea here is to comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb from the center of your hair length and gradually stroke it downwards to prevent strain on your scalp and breaking.

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Keep The Styling Simple

“I love hair styling a lot and I do it in winter too”. If you too have the same wording, I am loudly saying that Ladies, this is a no-brainer.

In winter air become too dry and cold. In such a situation we need to protect our hair from this harsh wind.

But if we use heat on our hair, it is a surefire way to cause hair damage, split ends, and hair breakage.

Think about it, how this damage can double tenfold when your hair is already at its weakest in the cold weather.

So, try to use iron rods and hair straighteners as little as possible, and remember to use a heat-protection serum before doing so, without which they may harm your hair.

Reduce Static Charged

Increased friction and the absence of moisture in the air during the winter can cause your hair to become electrically charged. This can result in additional damage and breaking.

So in such a case, it is even more important to keep your hair moisturize and smooth to avoid friction and breakage. Here, a leave-on conditioner or a hair mousse can greatly assist you in preventing hair static.

Aside from that, cleaning your hair with a soft tissue or fabric and using a silk pillowcase rather than a cotton one can assist you to tackle this problem.

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Keep Hydrating Yourself

Winter Hair Care Tips

Hydration of our body and cells is very crucial and it is not associated with thirst. Let me explain, I am sure you too have noticed that we feel less thirsty in winter, and people generally think that if they are not feeling thirsty their bodies are hydrated enough.

While the truth is that you feel thirsty when your body starts dehydrating. So it is important that you must drink 2 to 4 liters of water daily in winter too.

If you do not drink enough water it can cause dehydration, which will wreak havoc on your hair and make it even drier.

Maintain A Healthy Diet

Diet plays an important role to keep you healthy, as we get all the vital nutrients from our diet, which are helpful to keep us healthy. And our hair too needs certain nutrients which help them to grow strong and healthy.

So it is advisable to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet to avoid deficiency of key vitamins minerals, and nutrients that nourish your hair from roots.

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These are basic home remedies and hair hygiene. If you follow the above tips regularly, then the quality and density of the hair will gradually improve. But if you are not getting any benefit from these tips.

You should consult with your doctor to identify any underlying cause and get the most appropriate treatment.

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