Best 10 Steps Korean Hair Care Routine | Complete Guide For Healthy Hair

Korean Hair Care Routine

Every woman dreams of beautiful and healthy hair. They try various methods to get beautiful silky wavy and healthy hair, But most women do not get the desired result. If you are one who wants beautiful hair, I would suggest trying out the Korean hair care routine.

Nowadays Korean beauty practices are loved all over the world for glowing skin and beautiful hair. They have been trending in the beauty industry for quite some time not only for skincare but also for hair care.

Since Korean women take care of their hair and skin in a very smart way, this routine works wonders. Be it a Korean model or a college goer, everyone has a natural shine and luster in their hair. That’s why he is second to none in terms of style.

Generally, the use of beauty treatments and styling products also damages the hair, despite all this, the beauty of the hair of Korean women does not diminish. Do you know Why?

How do Korean women overcome all these pitfalls? Let’s know the hair care secrets of Korean Women.

However, there are so many steps in the Korean beauty routine that sometimes you are too busy to try them. These multistep require a lot of commitment. Hence we will share with you the best 10-step guide of the Korean hair care routine for maximum benefits.

What is Korean Hair Care Routine?

Apart from being famous for their multi-step skincare routine, Koreans are also fast moving into the hair care game.

Like Ayurveda in India, Koreans have stood for generations with a specific hair care routine that targets the health of the hair as well as the scalp.

The Korean beauty philosophy for hair is simple: Treat your scalp like it’s an extension of your face.

Before you go through the number of steps in this arrangement, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to practice it every day or even every time you wash your hair.

The main steps that cover the basics of any hair care—cleansing, conditioning, and nourishment — and steps other than this can be done once a week.

How Do I Get Korean-Like Hair?

Korean Hair Care Routine

People often ask how they get hair like Korean. If you’re looking to reconfigure your approach to hair care from a Korean point of view, we’re going to share with you our best secrets.

Charlotte Cho is an esthetician, author, and successful entrepreneur of South Korean origin in the U.S. But she is quite famous as the co-founder of Soko Glam, a Korean cosmetic products company.

She is thought to be the main contributor to the present growth of Korean Beauty in the United States. Charlotte Cho has coin the term 10-step Korean hair care routine in 2014.

Charlotte Cho says, “Whenever I would go to the parlor in Seoul to get my hair done, my hairstylist would be amazed that I hadn’t paid proper attention to my scalp.”

She also recalls “I’d generally get a strong scolding for not applying hair oils more frequently”.

The scalp is the key point of any healthy Korean hair care routine, and scalp health was the driving force for her product curation for Soko Glam.

According to Cho “The strong belief among Koreans is that the health of your scalp is just as essential as the health of your skin”.

A healthy scalp improves the overall appearance of your hair, making it lustrous and smooth to the touch.”

Best 10 Steps Korean Hair Care Routine

Korean Hair Care Routine

The Korean hair care routine has a comprehensive strategy, consisting of many steps. Just like we follow a comprehensive step-by-step routine to get soft, dewy, and glowing skin, similarly, we must do the same with our hair and scalp.

As long as we use proper hair care products and techniques our hair will be healthy and nourished. Here are the most popular 10 steps of the Korean hair care routine that you must follow.

Scalp Scaling

Exfoliating is an essential part of any good beauty routine. It is not only necessary for the skin but also for the scalp.

Scalp scaling can be done in salons to exfoliate the dirt and excess oil, which often works as the catalyst for the main causes of breakage, dry, brittle hair, and stunted hair growth. In case you want to know- how to use coffee oil for hair growth

The scalp scaler should never be used more than once a week. Apply it on your scalp immediately before washing your hair and wash it off after 10 minutes.

According to some experts, “If your scalp and hair are dry, you must limit your use of the scalp scaler to once in two weeks,”.

Essential Oil

Using hair essence or oil is a popular technique in any Korean beauty routine to treat dry, brittle hair.

The insider’s secret that only an expert can tell you is to apply a good essential oil only to the ends of your hair and not to the scalp.

As it can cause build-up on the scalp and can clog your hair follicles, similar to pores on your skin.

Scalp Scrub

Regular scalp scrubbing is an important technique by which Koreans rejuvenate their scalp tissues.

It helps to deeply exfoliate your scalp tissue and effectively remove any dirt and grime that has accumulated in your hair follicles.

It also improves the oxygenation of your scalp. So I would recommend you to use a mild herbal scalp scrub once a week after washing your hair.

Scalp Massage

Koreans regularly use specially designed scalp massagers or scalp brushes to improve blood circulation to the scalp tissues, which in turn is helpful in promoting their hair growth.

After shampooing, when your hair is completely dry, massage your scalp by moving the massager in a circular motion.

And it helps to activate the follicles gradually, making Korean hair so healthy and shiny. If you are facing hair fall, you must read:- Top 10 Most Effective Tips To Control Hair Fall

Hair Mask

Hair masks are an essential part of the Korean hair care routine. This aims to nourish the hair with deep conditioning and nourishment.

Korean use hair masks to treat dry and fizzy hair, they use oils like argan oil, coconut oil, or castor oil, as well as other moisturizing ingredients, to treat frizziness, dry hair, and split ends.

So it is good that you use a natural hair mask with added carrier oils at least once a week.

Rice, mayonnaise, coconut, banana, strawberries, avocado yogurt, and honey are the most basic ingredients that can be found in Korean homemade hair masks.

If you want to use readymade hair masks, It is important to note that hair masks and products that contain parabens, silicones, or sulfates should be avoided.

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Rinse With Vinegar

Korean Hair Care Routine

Korean people use vinegar to wash their hair. This is a very effective step in the Korean hair care routine as applying vinegar to the scalp and hair helps in balancing the pH.

It sounds very difficult, but it is very easy to apply, and if you can not do it daily then definitely do it once in two days.

Take one bowl of apple cider vinegar and two bowls of water, mix them well, then apply the mixture to your hair and scalp, wait for 10 minutes, after that wash it off with cold water. It will help in giving shine and beauty to your hair like Korean.


Almost all of us know that we should use chemical-free shampoos instead of chemical-rich shampoos as they are soft on our hair and scalp.

It is an important thing in Korean hair care routine that they essentially use mild shampoo for hair that works according to the needs and types of hair without harming the hair type.

Your shampoo should be such that it cleanses your hair and also nourishes the scalp without affecting the pH.

Similar to Ayurvedic hair care procedures, Korean hair care procedures also focus on massaging the scalp and hair while washing the hair.

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Conditioner is an essential part of any Korean hair care routine, for conditioning as Korean do that you need to towel dry your hair a little bit before applying the conditioner.

The conditioner is meant to repair and hydrate your hair and its tips. your hair tips need more moisture and nourishment than your roots.

Hence you must apply conditioner to the lengths of your hair especially from the mid-length to the tips because it intensely moisturizes and nourishes them.

Any product needs time to work properly so while you apply conditioner to your hair give it 2 to 3 minutes to work before rinsing it off.

I would suggest you choose a good herbal conditioner because herbal conditioners will work for the natural hydration of your hair and scalp and help to prevent unwanted build-up on your hair and scalp.

Hair Toner

Yes, your hair too needs a toner. Korean hair care routine includes using hair toner. The main purpose of using a hair toner is to solve hair and scalp-related problems.

A good hair toner contains anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing properties that help in soothing inflammation, eliminating dandruff and infections as well as moisturizing your scalp and hair.

Hair toner also works to evenly moisturize and volumize your hair shaft and strengthen them. It forms a protective layer on the hair which keep all the pollutants out and protects your hair from damage.

You should choose the toner that is suitable for your hair type. After taking a shower, using a soft towel pat dry your hair and scalp. then, spray the toner on your hair and scalp and gently massage it for a few minutes.


Scalp serum helps to nourish your scalp and roots from deep, and stimulate hair growth. It keeps your hair and scalp moisturized and hydrated for longer.

Hair serum plays the role of a protective layer on your hair shaft which protects them from pollutants, radiation, and heat.

It helps to bind cuticles which imparts a glossy and smooth texture to your hair thus helping to reduce hair breakage.

One of the big advantages of serum is that it makes your hair way more manageable. That’s why you should definitely include serum in your hair care routine.

Dry your hair with a soft towel after washing them, now apply serum to your hair and scalp, and gently massage for a few minutes.

Overnight Treatment

Sometimes, it’s good to let your hair recover and nourish it overnight. An overnight hair mask is one of the best ways to treat your hair.

Koreans sometimes use special hair products or sleeping hair packs that help to deeply nourish the hair when applied overnight.

There are many overnight hair care products that can deeply nourish your hair and repair your damaged hair due to various factors like heat, chlorine, harsh chemicals, etc.

It helps to completely nourish and rejuvenate the health of your hair. Choose the right product according to your hair type.

To use the overnight treatment, after applying all of your serums and fragrances, cover your hair with the night treatment and let it sit until it dries.

If you have oily hair, you may want to wash it the next morning; If not, you can leave it in your hair until you wash it again.

Korean Hair Care Tips & Home Remedies

Korean Hair Care Routine
  • Soak a cup of rice in water for 30 minutes and strain it. Apply this strained rice water to your hair after shampooing. It contains plenty of vitamins and nutrients that can help to nourish your hair.
  • You will find Moroccan oil to be a key ingredient of many Korean hair care products that are designed for intense hair hydration. Massage your scalp and hair regularly with Moroccan oil to keep your hair well hydrated.
  • You should keep in mind that no matter how expensive or popular a product is if it is not solving your hair problem or does not suit your hair type, do not use it as it may affect your hair and could end up making your hair condition worsen.
  • You should protect your hair from damage caused by exposure to harmful UV rays and pollutants by using a scarf or hat.
  • Most Korean diets have kimchi as a key ingredient, which is very famous among Korean celebs. Kimchi is made from fermented vegetables and seasonings. It is a powerhouse of just the right nutrients, including selenium, which keeps the hair glossy and promotes hair growth.
  • In addition, Koreans regularly include cheonggukjang in their diet which contributes phenomenally to their healthy and thick hair growth. Cheonggukjang is nothing but fermented soybean paste that is widely used in Korean cuisine. Research has found that kimchi and cheonggukjang work great in thickening hair and reducing the effects of baldness.
  • Lastly, If you do a lot of hair styling or use heating instruments, it is extremely important for you to protect your hair from heat damage. For that, you can apply a heat protectant to your hair before styling.

The Bottom Line

Korean hair care routine basically focuses on the health of your scalp. A healthy scalp is a key to healthy hair, so you must take care of your scalp with masks, treatments, and massages to keep it healthy.

If you are worried about choosing the product with the right ingredients which address your concerns, You should consult with a certified expert.

Only a specialist can rightly advise you to opt for or reject any product based on correct information about the product ingredients and the history of your allergies.

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