How To Use Coffee Oil For Hair Growth

How To Use Coffee Oil For Hair Growth

For many people, coffee is a delicious source of energy throughout the day. And many of them also use it in their skincare. But do you know that we can also use the oil extracted from coffee for better hair growth?

Coffee beans are rich in natural oils which are very beneficial for the nourishment of your hair. Using coffee oil may resolve many hair-related problems.

If you are wondering how to use coffee oil for hair growth, don’t worry and stay with us in this article, we will tell you in detail.

Coffee oil is a type of processed oil obtained from unroasted coffee beans i.e. green coffee beans. The use of coffee oil helps in eliminating many hair-related problems like hair fall, premature hair graying, weak hair, hair thinning, and split ends.

How Is Coffee Good For Hair?

How To Use Coffee Oil For Hair Growth

Coffee contains a rich amount of caffeine, which is the main ingredient of coffee that may improve the appearance and texture of hair and also help to keep your hair healthier.

The main benefit of caffeine is that it can help promote direct hair growth in the early stages of hair growth. It does this by targeting a hormone called ‘DHT’, which causes hair loss and is the main factor for male pattern baldness.

DHT can block vitamins, proteins, and minerals from reaching the hair roots, affecting the growth of hair follicles.

So when you apply coffee oil or coffee mask to your hair, the caffeine present in it blocks the DHT and helps the nutrition to reach the roots of your hair.

A 2007 small lab study revealed that caffeine helped block the effects of DHT in male hair follicles. And boosted hair shaft elongation, resulting in longer, wider hair roots. It also extended the duration of anagen which is a stage of hair growth.

How To Get Coffee Oil From Beans

The chemical name for coffee oil is “caffeol”. It is produced during the roasting procedure of coffee beans. We need green coffee beans to get oil from coffee.

When we roast these green coffee beans slowly over low heat, After some time, coffee oil is extracted from it.

You can buy coffee oil from your nearest supermarket or simply make it yourself, which is much healthier in my opinion.

How To Use Coffee Oil For Hair Growth

How To Use Coffee Oil For Hair Growth

Coffee is said to have many benefits for the body, including its ability to make hair healthier and improve hair growth.

While some people do not have any problem applying cold brew on their hair to get good results. So now you might be wondering: is it okay to use coffee on the hair?

Coffee oil nourishes your hair from the roots to make it thick and shiny which helps in preventing hair breakage that leads to more hair growth. Now we are sharing some effective tips on how to use coffee oil for hair growth.

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Coffee Oil

If you want to grow your hair and want to reduce hair fall, you must try coffee oil. You can apply raw coffee oil i.e. without mixing it with other oil. Just take a tablespoon of coffee oil and with the help of your fingertips apply it directly to your hair roots.

Gently massage your scalp in a circular motion for 5 to 10 minutes. slowly oil will be absorbed into your scalp and nourish your hair follicles.

It will also improve blood circulation into the scalp. If used regularly, your hair will become stronger and growth will also be improved.

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Coffee Oil And Argon Oil

Argan oil can nourish your hair and scalp as well as protect it from everyday damage. Argan oil can help prevent hair loss by reducing breakage and split ends and keeping your scalp healthy, resulting in thick, fuller hair.

Coffee contains caffeine, which stimulates the hair roots. Massage increases the blood circulation in the scalp, which awakens the hair follicles.

Caffeine also enhances hair growth. When the roots are stimulated, hair follicles grow faster, stronger, and healthier. Also, this oil combination is lightweight and not sticky.

Coffee Oil And Coconut Oil

One of the healthiest nutrients for hair is coconut oil. It not only acts as a disinfectant but also promotes hair growth. Along with coffee, coconut mixes in the scalp, nourishing it and reducing sebum build-up from the follicles.

Take an equal quantity of both the oils in a bowl, then mix it or massage it in the hair for 15 min and leave it for 3 hours, after that wash with cold water, for a better result do this 2 to 3 times in a week.

Coffee Oil And Black Seed Oil

Black seed oil is an effective natural solution to increase hair growth. This is due to its high amount of nigellone and thymoquinone, both of which are potent antihistamines typically given for persons suffering from androgenic alopecia or alopecia areata.

The black seed oil has no negative effects and is perfectly safe to use because it is a natural source of antihistamines.

If you are having a problem with hair loss or alopecia then you should apply the mixture of coffee oil and black seed oil by taking both in equal parts. This combination will nourish your hair from the roots and help them to grow more.

The Bottom Line

Coffee is a delicious source of energy for many of us, And the oil of green coffee beans is a good source of nourishment for our hair.

Some of us think that applying coffee oil to the scalp can be harmful, but this is not true, as it is a natural oil that nourishes your scalp and helps hair grow faster.

Generally, coffee oil does not have any side effects but coffee oil contains caffeine, which is in excess can irritate your scalp, so use this oil in a proper manner and to avoid this you can also try the combination of aforesaid oils.

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