How To Do Perfect Eye Makeup | Step By Step Guide

How To Do Perfect Eye Makeup

Makeup is very important in the fashion line and in that, too the most important part is eye makeup because your presence at the party or at any gathering is visible from the eyes.

Eye makeup changes your entire look instantly. You look attractive and fabulous which boosts the confidence that separates you from the crowd.

If you are wondering how to do perfect eye makeup? We will tell you the proper steps of eye makeup and guide you through that.

How To Do Perfect Eye Makeup

How To Do Perfect Eye Makeup

There is a lot of focus on the eyes during makeup. This is the reason why most of the time is given to the eyes during makeup.

But sometimes it happens that even using the best products, eye makeup brushes, etc. does not give you the look that you really want.

The most common reason for this is probably you are not following the proper technique and steps, here we will share the exact techniques and steps to make your eyes attractive and vibrant.

Now, Are you ready to learn some easy steps of eye makeup?

Step-1 Eye Primer

Eyeshadow primer is a liquid- or cream-based product applied to the lids to make shadow and eyeliner smooth and long-lasting.

It acts as a double-sided tape that holds both your lids and your eye makeup, ensuring that your artificially applied shadow doesn’t budge.

  • Primer gives a smooth surface for makeup.
  • When the primer is absorbed, Apply the eyeshadow base. It will help the eyeshadow to stick to the skin properly.

If you do not have an eyeshadow base, Then you can also apply concealer or foundation.

How To Do Perfect Eye Makeup

Step-2 Start With Basic Shades

  • Firstly, you may start the eye makeup with basic shades, when you understand how to listen to the colors then you can play with others like glitters.
  • Choose the shades that you can use daily for a causal look like shades of pink and brown.
  • Then you will need a highlighter which should be slightly lighter than your skin tone.
  • You can choose shades darker than your skin tone. Matte-finished mid-tone shades should be preferred.
How To Do Perfect Eye Makeup

Step-3 Use Good Makeup Brushes

Many professionals use their fingertips to do eye makeup but I would like to suggest you, Use brushes for that.

  • You will need several brushes to do the makeup process precisely.
  • The small and medium size brushes help you to blend your shades smoothly.
  • You may include a smudger brush in your kit for a smokey and sensuous look.
How To Do Perfect Eye Makeup

Step-4 Apply Eye Makeup

  • Slightly stretch your eyes and apply the light shade from the inner corner with the help of a shadow brush.
  • You can use a blending brush for mid-tone shade to smoothly apply on your crease line, Starting from outside to the inner corner.

Use a mid-tone shade that matches your outfit and be careful to choose the right brush.

How To Do Perfect Eye Makeup
  • For a glamorous look, Use a dark shade contour from the outer corner of your eyelids. Make sure that the contour should be lighter than the mid-tone shade.

Your eyelids makeup has finished now move to the lower lash line.

  • Take a small amount of mid-tone shade and blend it from outward to inward. You can use kajal to your waterline or lower lash.
  • For a final touch use eyeliner to add more details and make various shapes of your choice. Use mascara to volumize your eyelashes.

Artificial eyelashes may be used if you have thin eyelashes or you want a heavy makeup look.


Now, in the end, we can say that eye makeup is an important part of any makeover because the better your eye makeup is, the more beautiful you will look. And poor eye makeup can spoil your entire look.

So it is very important to give proper time to do decent eye makeup for a good look. But it is pretty difficult to do good eye makeup at home, If you follow our eye makeup guide mentioned above then you can easily get the perfect look every time.

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