How To Remove Split Ends In Hair | Major Causes, 7 Prevention, And Best Treatment

How To Remove Split Ends In Hair

You will agree with me that Hair works to enhance the beauty of women, but they are delicate and if is not taken care of properly, they also get spoiled and can become a cause of embarrassment.

The bigger concern is that having hair problems become very common now. You may look healthy but still, you can have hair problems Like-split ends.

Do you know that nowadays most women are facing the problem of split ends in hair and Morden lifestyle and food habits are the main culprits?

As a result, the beauty of the hair is diminished, and women must deal with a variety of additional issues, such as a lack of hair growth, changes in the attractiveness of the hair, etc.

Although women get their hair cut to get rid of this problem, due to irregular eating habits, this problem recurs and frequent haircuts lead to thinning of hair.

We know that maintaining healthy, strong hair is tough, especially when you don’t have a roadmap, to begin with. In such a situation, once again the question of getting rid of split hairs arises;

However, you do not have to worry because today we will discuss some such methods, with the help of which you can get rid of split hairs without cutting them.

What Causes Split Ends In Hair

Generally, your hair is strong enough, But it is susceptible to damage from regular wear and tear in day-to-day life.

The ends of your hair, which are also the oldest portion of your hair shaft can weaken, brittle, as well as lose their protective layer.

According to studies, such conditions can trigger your hair to split, and expose the inner cortex.

Split ends can form quickly due to excessive damage, although the damaging factors are small and have low impact, due to which split ends develops slowly.

As a result of constant exposure, these small factors too, cause excessive damage quickly. Apart from these, there are some other things are also have a great role in developing split ends in hair.

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Major Causes Of Split Ends

How To Remove Split Ends In Hair

Some of the most common processes and activities that degrade the quality of your hair and damage the ends of your hair strands are listed below:-

Physical Damage And Manipulation

This is one of the major causes which affects almost all of us. This includes styling, combing, detangling, handling, and rubbing your hair, all of which gradually tear down the cuticle. We can not totally stop it but we can manage it to reduce its impact.

So if you are having split ends, I would suggest you properly manage your delicate hair. You must do combing, detangling, and handling them gently and avoid too much styling, care for them properly and give them time to recover.


Environment and the surrounding climate essentially affect your hair. It does not matter, If the climate is windy, cold, hot, sunny, dry climate, or humid climate. It seems that whatever the weather, takes a toll on your hair.

And if you often style your hair in wash goose, afros, puffs, or use such styles that expose your ends to the environment, it accelerates the damage.

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Heat is also one of the major causes of promoting hair damage and split ends. Your hair can be affected by the heat of the sun or by styling tools.

One of the fastest methods to promote split ends is by using a heat tool. Continuous excessive heat damages the endings of your hair, which are already affected by various reasons.


Friction is one of the major causes of split ends and hair breakage. Friction occurs when your hairs rub with the clothes you wear or use.

Probably It is one of the most unnoticed causes of your split ends and hair damage. Some materials and fabrics cause more cuticle damage than others.

Such as hats, scarves, and sweaters, as well as cotton pillowcases and towels, promote the development of split ends.

If your hair is long enough to rub into the back of your shirt or jacket, it can also cause hair damage. If you have a problem with dry hair, it will further aggravate this situation.

Intrinsic Factors

The food you consume plays a major role in your overall health. Nutritious food is beneficial for your body as it keeps you healthy and helps your body fight off external factors that can harm your body and hair too.

So your diet, the fluid or water you intake, and your overall health. All affect the health, quality, and strength of your hair.

If your body is dehydrated, malnourished, or lacking in protein and nutrients, still your hair can grow long but it will be more prone to split ends.

Why Split Ends Are Bad If They Are So Common?

Split ends do not just look bad but they are actually bad for your hair growth. The following are the most common reasons why you don’t want to see split ends in your hair.

  • Once your hair strand splits at its end, The damage will only increase and get worsen. If it is left untreated, This splitting will continue all the way up the hair shaft, permanently damaging the entire strand.
  • Because split ends do not have a smooth surface, they naturally hook and snag on one another and impact the healthy ends too. This results in more tangled hair and, as you can expect, more split ends.
  • The more tangled hair you have, the more breakage and shedding you will experience. This is what people mean when they say that split ends restrict hair growth. Split ends prevent length retention.
  • Split ends can look minor on their own, but they throughout your hair cause your ends scraggly, frizzy, and unhealthy.
  • If you observed a couple of split ends in your hair, that indicates more are on the way unless you’re only exposing half your hair to heat, wind, and damage, and usually we think that’s unlikely.
  • Split ends are a sign that your hair is not feeling well or they are damaged and needs a trim.

A good hair care routine should be followed to keep your hair and scalp healthy, Which will ultimately help you to prevent split ends.

Split Ends In Curly Hair

How To Remove Split Ends In Hair

You would be surprised to know that the more frizzy your hair is, the more fragile it is. This means that people with curly hair, especially those with type 4 and 4c hair, are more likely to get split ends.

Also, if your hair has curls, kinks, or coils, split ends are more likely to tangle because they can tangle with other hair that accumulates around them.

So, if your hair is prone to tangles, keep an eye on it and avoid split ends. This will help prevent damage and hair breakage in the future.

What Should I Do If I Have Split Ends?

How To Remove Split Ends In Hair

Just trim the ends off. Trimming is the most basic yet effective technique to remove split ends in hair. It can control your problem but is not a permanent solution.

If you trim your hair on a regular basis, Such as every 4-6 months or as soon as you see split ends, You will catch the ends before they grow and just need to take off half an inch or so with each trim.

If you prefer to trim them yourself, use sharp hair clippers to leave a neat and smooth cut that won’t fray soon. You must learn first, how to trim your own hair.

We agree that it’s not fun to trim the ends off. However, there is some good news. If you take proper care of your hair, you can prevent split ends and even prolong the time between trims.

How To Prevent Split Ends

Unfortunately, you cannot treat or repair split ends. When the ends of your hair are damaged or tangled, the only option is to trim them.

Hence prevention is important to keep your hair healthy and free from split ends. Even though you may not be able to prevent split ends completely, you may be able to reduce the frequency with which they develop.

Let’s take a look at the tips and procedures that prevent split ends in your hair.

Hydrate Your Hair

Consider applying a weekly hair mask to moisturize your hair. A hair mask is a conditioner treatment that can provide hydration to your hair as well as reduce frizziness and dryness.

A mask can also help reduce the damage of hair fall, resulting in smoother and shinier hair.
A hair mask usually has more concentrated ingredients than an instant conditioning product.

Also, the mask stays on your hair for a very long time – from 15 minutes to several hours, or even overnight.

You can buy ready-made hair masks from the market or make your own using these ingredients.

  • Honey
  • Bananas
  • Olive Oil
  • Aloe Vera
  • Coconut oil

Be Gentle After Washing Your Hair

When your hair and scalp are wet, the weight of your hair increases due to the water and at that time the hair follicles also open slightly. So if you apply even the slightest pressure, they can break or fall.

You must remember that wet hair is more prone to damage, so take care of your hair gently after shampooing and conditioning.

Some people dry their hair by rubbing it with a towel, but this can cause serious hair damage. Rubbing the hair, again and again, breaks them.

It can also damage the cuticles in your hair, leading to frizziness or split ends. To reduce breakage and damage, pat your hair dry instead of rubbing it.

Turn Down The Heat

Using hot tools on your hair, especially on a daily basis can dry it out and affect the protein structure present in your hair.

If possible, let your hair dry naturally after washing, and then style it without using a blow dryer, curling iron, or flat iron.

If you use hot appliances, try lowering the heat level. To avoid heat damage, use a heat-protectant solution before blow-drying or styling.

Detangle Your Hair

Tangled hair can be difficult to comb or brush, whether wet or dry. Therefore, always detangle it before drying, combing, or styling your hair.

A wide-toothed comb is recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology. The large wide tooth of the comb helps you slide the comb without hurting or breaking the ends of your hair.

Avoid Overbrushing

Your hair doesn’t require 100 brush strokes every day. This is a myth. In fact, over-brushing your hair can cause damage like breakage and split ends.

Brush your hair just to style it or to keep it looking neat. Avoid tugging or pulling on your hair while brushing or combing, and use a different solution to remove knots if necessary.

Use A Silk Pillowcase

Split ends can be reduced by covering your hair at night. To prevent friction, use silk or satin pillowcases instead of cotton pillowcases.

When you sleep on a silk or satin pillow, your hair tends to slip over the pillow. Less friction between the pillowcase and your hair can help reduce the risk of hair loss and breakage.

Another option is to sleep with a silk scarf to prevent split ends and breakage of your hair.

Extend The Time Between Hair Treatments

Chemical treatments like coloring, perming, or relaxing your hair can be tedious, especially if you have different treatments going on at the same time.

You can try to reduce your risk of hair loss, breakage, and split ends by doing the following:

Try increasing the time between treatments. If possible, wait for 8 to 10 weeks between touch-up procedures.

You should only have one type of chemical therapy at a time. If you need more than one type of treatment, the AAD recommends relaxing or perming your hair first. If you want to dye your hair, wait two weeks before doing it.

Once a week, use a hair mask or use a quick conditioner every time you wash your hair.

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Is There Any Way To Hide Split Ends?

Is There Any Way To Hide Split Ends

Even though there is no way to permanently repair split ends, you can minimize the damage and make it less noticeable.

one approach is you can apply coconut oil, almond oil, or another form of moisturizer to the ends of your hair. These ingredients not only give shine to your hair, but they also smooth it, which helps disguise split ends.

Another approach is to style your hair in ways that conceal your ends. You might try using hair extensions or styling your hair in a low or high bun.

Remember that split ends can spread and damage the hair shaft. To prevent further damage, you’ll need to trim or cut off split and damaged hair.

The Bottom Line

It is important to note that there is no way to repair or reverse split ends that means once you have split ends, Trimming is the only way to get rid of them.

So in such a situation, prevention is the key to keeping you away from split ends and hair breakage.

Keeping your hair and body well nourished and avoiding certain activities and habits can help you go a long way towards enhancing the overall health, quality, and appearance of your hair.

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