Best Biceps Workout For Stronger Arms

Best Biceps Workout For Stronger Arms
Best Biceps Workout For Stronger Arms

If we start the gym, Most of us start training with our biceps workout. If you want to show your strength you show your arms, especially the thickness of your biceps.

It shows the importance of your bicep’s size in your personality. Here we will discuss the most effective and best biceps workout that will add size as well as strength to your arms.

Everyone wants good biceps but most of us don’t know how to get them. Getting thick biceps is not that challenging, It depends on the selection of the right exercises and the technique to perform them correctly.

Now we will discuss some important details of the biceps muscles and how you can make them strong and attractive.

The Basic Of Biceps Muscles

Bi-ceps as its name indicates, are two-headed muscles one is a long head and the short head is another one. Biceps are the front part of your upper arms, In between the elbow and the shoulder joint.

They are attached to the Tandon. The biceps muscles control the motion of your elbow and shoulder joint. When you perform a push motion, Your biceps muscles are involved.

Best Biceps Workout For Stronger Arms

5 Best Biceps Workout For Stronger Arms

When you go to the gym, you may try many biceps workouts but most of them may not work for you, If this is the scenario, Here we will share with you the most effective and best biceps workout that will work for you.

1-Barbell Curls

The barbell curl is a very good exercise in terms of gaining mass or strength to your bicep and it also works on your forearms.

Start Position-Start with your feet, Make sure your knees should not be locked out. Now Stand straight with correct posture, Slightly bend your arms in your sides.

Hold the barbell in your hands and keep your elbows tight to your body but should not be locked out because it can injure your joint.

Technique-You will get the maximum benefit from barbell curls if you keep your grip slightly wider than your shoulder width. Narrowing your grip with each progressive set.

Pull up the barbell to contract your bicep and back down to the starting position. Breathe out when you are pulling up the barbell and Breathe in when going down.

Best Biceps Workout For Stronger Arms

For a more comfortable and natural motion use an EZ bar instead of the Straight bar.EZ bar puts much less strain on your wrist as compared to a straight bar.

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2-Preacher Curls

It is a very concentrated and isolated bicep exercise. You can gain the Size and strength of your bicep muscle if you prioritize to perform it in any given month.

Start Position-Sit on a preacher bench with your back straight holding the bar or dumbbells. Your upper arms are resting on the preacher pad and your elbows should be well supported.

Technique-Lift up the barbell to squeeze your bicep muscle and slowly return to the starting position. you should not go too vertical as this is a resting position, also not too down because it can harm your elbow joint,

Perform this exercise in a controlled manner. Breathe in while lifting up the bar and breathe out when going down.

Best Biceps Workout For Stronger Arms

The wide grip trains your interior head and the narrow grip trains the exterior head.

3-Cable Curls

It is a good exercise by which you can pump your bicep muscle and It doesn’t put much strain on your elbow and wrist.

Start Position-Stand straight with your back tight, hold an EZ bar or rope attached to a cable. your hands must be closed with a narrow grip and palms forward-facing.

Technique-Now pull up the bar or rope to squeeze your bicep head and go back slowly to the initial position.

The curl motion should be controlled there should not be any jerk during the exercise. Keep your back tight and straight, breathe in while lifting, and breathe out while going back.

Best Biceps Workout For Stronger Arms

4-Hammer Curls

Hammer curls are the best exercise to increase the peak of your bicep.

Start Position-Standing straight with your arms extended to your side holding dumbbells and your palms facing each other. keep your feet at shoulder width. Your back is straight and tight.

Technique-This is a very similar exercise to dumbbells curls except that it does not involve the forearm muscle.

Pull the dumbbells up and slowly return back to the initial position. Your palms are facing each other throughout the motion. Breathe in while going up and breathe out for the return.

Best Biceps Workout For Stronger Arms

5-Concentration Curls

You can gain mass and width to your bicep by this exercise.

Start Position-Sit on a chair or bench with your back straight and tight, Now Hold a dumbbell in your hand and your elbow nearly to touch your inner thigh. Your palm towards your face.

Technique-To perform this exercise, simply lift up the dumbbell to contract your bicep muscle keeping your elbow solid and steady nearly to touch your inner thigh.

Concentration curl is a very effective bicep exercise because your bicep is in isolation throughout the motion.

Best Biceps Workout For Stronger Arms


In every exercise, the position is the key to success. If you maintain the correct position throughout your workout, you will get the desirable results, and injuries are prevented. These are very effective exercises that must be included in your biceps workout routine.

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