10 Best Vegan Foods To Lose Weight Fast

Best Vegan Foods To Lose Weight Fast

Most of the world’s population lives in countries where being overweight or obese kills more people than people who are underweight.

According to WHO, In 2016, approximately 1.9 billion individuals aged 18 and older were overweight. 39 percent of adults age 18 and older were overweight, and 13 percent were obese.

This data shows that it is essential for you to act quickly to be in a fit weight range. Excess weight is a major problem in today’s time. Countless people all over the world are coping with it.

But due to the widespread awareness about excess weight and obesity and the health and social problems associated with it, almost every one of us wants to lose weight to stay fit and healthy.

Did you know that there are many vegan diets that have been found to be very effective for losing weight fast? So if your goal is to lose weight fast, we will help you to achieve that goal, For sure.

Let’s discuss about the best vegan foods to lose weight fast and also how to use them.

How And Why Do You Gain Weight?

Before we head to the discussion of the vegan diets to lose weight, It is important to understand:-

How and why do so many of us get so obese?

The answer appears to be obvious. According to the World Health Organization, “The basic reason for obesity and overweight is an energy imbalance between calorie intake and calories utilized.”

Simply put, we either eat too much or are too physically inactive or both. As per this rationale, any excess of calories, whether from proteins, carbohydrates, or fats (the 3 main components, or “macronutrients,” in the food), will ultimately lead to weight gain.

So the solution is also too obvious: Eat less and utilize more.

Consumed food breaks into proteins, carbs, and fats. The circulation absorbs these nutrients and transports them to all of the cells in the body, where they are used to generate energy.

Fats offer more energy than carbs. But over a longer time span, Carbohydrates are preferred by cells because they provide more immediate energy.

If carbohydrate levels are insufficient or if long-term energy is required, Cells will usually employ fats instead of carbohydrates.

Proteins are used to do vital functions and generally are not used for energy unless both carbs and fats are lacking.

Whatever fuel is chosen by the cell, it is ultimately burnt to generate energy!

Possible Reasons For Your Excess Weight

Weight gain can be very frustrating especially when you don’t know what’s causing it.

While diet is often the most basic yet crucial component in weight gain, other factors such as stress, sedentary, and lack of sleep may also play a role.

Here are the possible reasons for your excess weight:-

  • You often consume a lot of processed foods
  • You have a sedentary or physically inactive lifestyle
  • You consume too much sugar
  • You engage in yo-yo dieting—refers to cycles of intentional weight loss followed by unintentional weight gain
  • You consume too many calories
  • You have a slow metabolism
  • You have an undiagnosed or underlying medical condition
  • You take too much stress
  • You don’t get enough sleep
  • You don’t consume enough whole foods

10 Best Vegan Foods To Lose Weight Fast

Best Vegan Foods To Lose Weight Fast

Maybe you want to lose the last 10 pounds and are tired of eating tuna sandwiches and grilled chicken.

Whatever your reasoning for including more plant-based foods in your diet, It’s clear that doing so can be a tremendous aid to healthy, long-term weight loss.

So we spoke with experts to get that scoop on the greatest vegan foods to give up on, like hot chicken (erm, tofu).

There are several vegan foods that are great to lose weight fast. Here we will share with you the 10 best of them.


Kidney beans, black beans, and chickpeas are all rich in protein and important amino acids. You can use them in salads, sprouts, and curries, among other things.

Even better, pair these beans with nutritious grains such as quinoa or brown rice. This will increase your protein and fiber intake.

Since beans are high in carbs, many people do not consider them healthful while following a low-carb diet.

While, on the other hand, Beans are rich in fiber (mainly soluble), which can help decrease cholesterol levels.

To know about the symptoms and levels of high cholesterol read:- What Symptoms of High Cholesterol | 5 Basic Causes, Levels, and more

The greatest options of beans for weight reduction are black beans, kidney beans, and navy beans.

The fiber content keeps you fuller for longer, and the protein level increases satiety and calorie expenditure.

According to a 2016 analysis published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, beans can help you maintain your weight, even if you’re not trying to reduce or restrict your calorie intake.

  1. Kidney beans:- 250 grams of cooked kidney beans contain 211 calories
    13.3 grams of protein and
    13.5 grams fiber.
  2. Chickpeas:- 165 grams of chickpeas contains 270 calories
    14.6 grams of protein and
    12.6 grams fiber.
  3. Soya beans:- Packed with antioxidants, 170 grams of soya beans contain 295 calories
    28.5 grams of protein and
    10.2 grams fiber.

So beans are a good vegan option to include in your diet program to lose weight fast.


Legumes like lentils have the distinct advantage of being rich in protein and fiber, low in fat, and high in slow-digesting carbs, Which make you feel fuller and satisfied for longer than other foods.

In addition, they are high in B vitamins and minerals such as iron, zinc, calcium, and potassium.

Lentils and other legumes are a nutritional supplement to any healthy diet, whether your aim is to lose weight or improve your normal eating habits.

Eating more lentils can help people maintain a healthy weight or reduce it.

Replacing high-energy (or high-calorie) meals with legumes such as lentils can help people manage or prevent obesity and lose weight.

According to research, eating lentils daily can help in the control and prevention of diabetes.

Lentils are an excellent source of vegan protein and may be used in stews and soups. They may also provide a variety of health advantages.

1 cup (198 grams) of cooked lentils contains approximately:-

  • 230 calories
  • 17.9 grams of protein
  • 15.6 grams of fiber
  • 90 percent of the RDI ( Recommended Daily Intake) for folate (vitamin B9)
  • 22 percent of the RDI for Thiamine (vitamin B1)
  • 29 percent of the RDI for Copper
  • 49 percent of RDI for Manganese


Best Vegan Foods To Lose Weight Fast

Nuts are a powerhouse of nutrients. And are rich in protein, fiber, monounsaturated fat, folic acid, vitamin E, magnesium, copper, and essential antioxidants.

Although they contain high amounts of fat, it is unsaturated fat, which is a type of heart-healthy fat.

A diet rich in walnuts has been shown in studies to reduce the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes, as well as aid in weight management.

One study involving obese and overweight women compared a weight-loss diet with 50 grams (g) of almonds per day to a weight-loss diet that did not include nuts.

After 90 days, the women in the almond group lost a lot more weight than the women in the nut-free group.

Women in the almond group also reported significant reductions in waist size, body mass index (BMI), triglycerides, total cholesterol, and blood sugar levels.

Nuts contain a high amount of protein and fiber, which may explain their effect on body weight. They are also high in heart-healthy lipids and other important nutrients.

While nuts can be included in a healthy diet, they should be consumed in moderation due to their high energy content.

The calorie count and fat contents per one-ounce (28-gram) serving of several widely consumed nuts are listed below:-

  • Almonds have a calorie count of 161 and a fat content of 14 grams.
  • Walnuts provide 183 calories and 18 grams of fat per serving.
  • Pistachios provide 156 calories and 12 grams of fat per serving.
  • Brazil nuts provide 184 calories and 19 grams of fat per serving.
  • Cashews contain 155 calories and 12 grams of fat.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are high in fiber, with 9.75 grams (g) per ounce (28 grams) serving. They also provide 4.69 g of high-quality protein per serving.

Both fiber and protein can temporarily suppress appetite, making a person feel full for a longer period of time.

Plus, each serving of chia seeds contains just 138 calories, making them a low-calorie, nutrient-dense snack.

These low calories, high protein, and fiber make them an excellent superfood for slimming. To speed up your weight loss plan, add them to low-fat, low-calorie smoothies or beverages.

Scientists have recently begun to investigate the potential weight loss effects of chia seeds. Some of this research has had an encouraging effect, but the evidence is not definitive.

A 2014 research compared weight loss in participants who consumed 35 grams of chia flour per day to weight loss in those who ate a placebo. There were a total of 26 participants in the research.

Another research investigated whether chia seeds helped individuals with type 2 diabetes lose weight. The research involved 77 people who were either overweight or obese.

All people followed a calorie-restricted diet for six months. One group consumed Salba chia on a daily basis, while the other consumed an oat bran-based control diet.

Participants who didn’t take chia seeds lost an average of 0.3 kilograms (kg), or 0.66 pounds (lb). Whereas those consuming chia seeds lost an average of 1.9 kg (4.19 lb).

Compared to the control group, the chia group also had a substantial average reduction in waist size.

These data imply that chia seeds are unlikely to cause significant weight loss when consumed alone.

They may help people following a low-calorie diet plan for weight loss, however, the research on this is still unclear.

Therefore, for conclusive evidence, extensive and well-designed research is needed to examine the benefits of chia seeds on weight loss and general health.

A bowl (100 grams) of chia seeds contains:-

  • 16.5 grams of protein,
  • 34.4 grams of dietary fibers,
  • 7.7 milligrams of iron and
  • 335 milligrams of Magnesium.
  • They also contain a rich amount of omega-3 fatty acids.


Best Vegan Foods To Lose Weight Fast

Avocados are a fruit that contains a rich amount of fiber, healthy fats, and a number of other essential nutrients. They may also assist with weight management and weight loss.

According to a study of American adults, individuals who ate avocado weighed substantially less and had a lower Body Mass Index (BMI) than those who did not.

People who consumed avocado ate more fruits, nuts, vegetables, and fiber than those who did not.

People who consumed avocado had a healthier diet overall and consumed much less added sugar than those who did not.

Similarly, they had a decreased risk of metabolic syndrome than individuals who did not consume avocado.

Nutritional value of a small-sized half avocado (100g):-

  • Approx. Calories 160
  • 23% Total Healthy Fat 15g
  • 11% Saturated Fat 2.1g
  • 3% Total Carbohydrates 8.5g
  • 0% Cholesterol 0mg
  • 0.07% Sodium 7mg
  • 14% Potassium 485mg
  • Vitamin K: 18% of the Daily Value (DV)
  • Folate: 20% of the DV
  • Vitamin C: 11% of the DV
  • Potassium: 10% of the DV
  • Vitamin E: 14% of the DV

Oat Meals

Consuming a bowl of oats first thing in the morning can put a small number on the scales.

A research with 47 people observed variation in appetite, fullness, and next-meal calorie intake after eating oatmeal versus oat-based ready-to-eat breakfast cereals.

The results showed that after eating oatmeal, participants felt more full and less hungry after eating cereal.

Furthermore, after eating oatmeal, their calorie consumption at lunch was lower than after consuming breakfast cereal.

While both meals had the same number of calories, oatmeal had more protein, fiber, and less sugar than cereal.

The scientists concluded that the differences in fiber, especially a type of soluble fiber known as beta-glucan, were the most likely to be responsible for these findings.

A cup of 3.5 ounces (100 grams) of raw oats contains:-

  • Calories: 389
  • Fiber: 10.6 grams
  • Protein: 16.9 grams
  • Carbs: 66.3 grams
  • Fat: 6.9 grams
  • Sugar: 0 grams
  • Water: 8%

Oatmeal is also rich in:-

  • Biotin
  • Copper
  • Manganese
  • Phosphorus
  • Molybdenum
  • Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)

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It is prepared from soybean curds. Tofu is naturally low in calories and gluten-free food. which is high in protein and carbs.

Tofu also includes a variety of vitamins and minerals, including calcium and manganese. It has no cholesterol and is high in iron and calcium.

So it should be included in your vegan diet plan.


Berries are some of the highest-fiber-containing fruits, and they have been associated with most weight loss programs.

A small cup of blackberries or raspberries has 8 grams of fiber and a decent amount of essential nutrients.

Berries may be easily added to a variety of dishes, including oatmeal, salad, yogurt, etc.


Best Vegan Foods To Lose Weight Fast

Farro is a wheat-derived ancient grain with a chewy texture and nutty flavor. This fiber-rich grain is also an excellent source of B vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Many vegetarians and vegans are particularly lacking B12 because this vitamin is mostly found in animal sources such as meat and dairy.

To make up for this deficiency, Replace it with pasta or brown rice in your dishes and serve with tofu and vegetables for a nutrient-rich meal.

Cruciferous Vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables, including broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and mustard greens, are renowned for their high fiber content and distinctive flavor.

The high fiber content of these veggies may greatly help you to lose weight fast. They also have many useful plant components and nutrients.

One cup of cooked Brussels sprouts contains 6 grams of fiber, which is 24% of the daily fiber requirement.

The Bottom Line

Vegan foods also can greatly help you to lose weight fast, these foods are densely packed with protein, carbs, and other important dietary fibers.

They also contain a rich amount of vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients.

One thing you should keep in mind is that you have to consume them in a proper proportion so that you remain in a deficit of calories, which is a necessary condition for weight loss.

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